Ways to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Everyone wants to have long, dark and beautiful eyelashes, well except for men. A woman with long, dark and beautiful eyelashes is definitely attractive in the eyes of many people. But, the sad truth is that not all women are lucky or blessed to have those kinds of eyelashes that can really captivate the eyes of other people. Making them feel sad and somehow hopeless to have a wonderful eyelashes.

If you are one of those people who feel hopeless and thinks that having that kind of lashes, it is now time for you to cheer. Generally, there are ways that you can do to grow eyelashes of your dream in a natural way. Those ways are the following below.

Make use of oil

If you want to make your eyelashes longer and darker, it is advisable that you consider applying oil, olive or castor oil as your regular habit before going to bed because those oils have the ability to effectively help you in improving your eyelashes. Furthermore, in using it, you will need mascara that is clean. Once you have mascara, you can now apply it on your lashes the way you do in putting on your eye mascara. However, if you dons have any clean mascara brush, using your own fingers in applying it would do. Let it also in your eyelashes until the morning before washing it with water. Make sure also not to add any other or inappropriate thing in it for you to effectively grow eyelashes.

Make use of petroleum jelly

Making use also of petroleum jelly is an effective and safe way that you can do. Additionally, the way of putting or applying it on your lashes is the same as using oil. You should leave it there and wash it the following day.

Make use of egg whites

If you have thinner eyelashes because it frequently falls off and you want it to grow back and at the same time make it stronger, then using of egg whites would be the best for you. You just need to mix 2 drops of egg white together with castor oil, then apply and don’t wash it until tomorrow for you to really achieve or grow eyelashes that you want.

Lessen the amount of using cosmetics

Although cosmetics like mascara can make you and your eyelashes look more beautiful, you should avoid using too much of it especially when it is not really needed. It is because eyelashes needs more air and free from any kinds of cosmetics for it to really grow. However, if you really need to use make up, make sure to remove it properly and gently for you to avoid any loss of lashes.

Now that you already know those ways for you to grow eyelashes naturally, it is now the time for you to follow those things correctly. Correctly following those ways will really help you get longer and thicker eyelashes that can definitely captivate the eyes of the people around you.