Top 4 Proven Natural Eyelash Growth Enhancers

336Markets are flooded with a lot of very expensive products that promise natural eyelash growth, but the cosmetic market is a tub of shark capable of telling us anything, just to sell. We must pay attention to the resources that nature gives us free of charge and without contraindications, more so in the case of our eyes. That is why today we take a look at some of the proven natural eyelash enhancers.

Green tea

With its rich concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants, green tea repairs and clean any protein resting on eyelashes and eyes, favoring growth in depth. Apply it with a cotton ball or let cold tea bags rest on the eyelids. In addition to relaxing and refreshing your eyes, green tea absorbs impurities from make-up and hair products that are trapped in the hair follicles.

Olive oil

Extracts of virgin olive oil are used as treatment during the night. You must distribute over the lashes with a clean brush for eyebrows and leave your conditioner and food ingredient on the night; the next morning, remove excess oiliness with a cleansing lotion, to avoid infections. Olive oil is known for its polish and regenerative properties, especially in sensitive areas.

Castor oil

Add five drops of oil of Castor in the tube of your eyeliner, shake well for five minutes put it in the freezer for 24 hours, then place the tube of mascara in the Sun all morning and you will get a large mask for eyelashes, castor oil has a more viscous than the rest of the oils consistency, therefore it help to moisten the skin around your lashes.

Eyelashes exfoliation.

Natural eyelash growth requires exfoliation, deep cleansing, re-hydration and humidification; all these can be achieved by mixing a tablespoon of natural aloe, a tablespoon of boiled chamomile, a tablespoon of cucumber pulp, mix well. Apply to the area with gentle circular movements, rest a minute and rinse with cold water.

Note: Vitamin E is the Key ingredient in these oils and it’s one of the most active ingredients in hair nourishment products.

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