Putting Eyelashes for a More Beautiful Look

When it comes to being beautiful, most women do and use every possible and right means just to make them look attractive in front of other people. One of the things they use to make them look more appealing in the eyes of other is by wearing false eyelashes. False or fake eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that are put on the top of the real eyelashes of a person to make it look fuller and longer. Using it also is indeed a very helpful thing to make you look more beautiful. However, without enough knowledge and practice of using it, you will just ruin your look.

The following ideas cited below are the things that you need to consider in putting on your false eyelashes.

In making use of fake eyelashes, the very first thing that you need to do is to measure it first. In measuring it, make sure that it has enough length to fit the shape of your eyes. However, if the eyelashes that you bought are too long, then you can shorten it using a small scissors. With enough length, you will definitely avoid the fake eyelashes from poking up your eyeball.

After getting the right length of the eyelashes right for your eyes, the next thing you need to do is to hold it on its two ends and bend it inward to make a letter, and then hold it for few seconds. It is the best and effective way for your false eyelashes to curve so that it can really fit the shape of your eyes and to also prevent it from lifting its corner.

Once you are done shaping it, apply now high quality glue that is used for eyelashes for it to really stay long in your eyes. Make sure not to put too much amount of glue on it otherwise there’s a big chance that it will become messy. Aside from that, be generous also in putting the glue in the outer and inner corner of the fake eyelashes so that it will not be removed when you blink your eyes.

After putting the glue, wait for at least 10 seconds so that the glue will be more sticky and tactile before putting it on. It is the right and best thing that you can do to prevent it from slipping while you are putting it.

If the glue becomes sticky and tactile, then it only means that it is the right time for you to put your false eyelashes. Make sure to put it above your real eyelashes and it shouldn’t touch your eyelid. After making sure that it is already on its right place, then you can now apply your eye mascara. With mascara, your fake eyelashes will have a more natural and beautiful look. However, if you notice some gap between your real and fake eyelashes, there is no need for you to do it all over again because you can just use eye shadow to hide the gap between the two.

False eyelashes can really be a big help for you to look more beautiful. However, you should make sure that you follow the things above for you to definitely have a great outcome.